I have been a picture framer for a number of years. I have always used the best materials, such as archive quality mountboard and backing board. I originally operated from a PictureFraming Art Gallery, but now do some from home.

Items that can I can frame include paintings, prints, photographs, posters, certificates, canvases, fabric art such as cross-stitch, tapestries and silk paintings and virtually any 3D objects such as medals, ties, sports shirts, imitation flowers and coin and banknote sets. In the past I have even framed hand-made puppets made by pupils at a local primary school, a small child’s ballet dress and a pair of tarantula skins. Nothing has beaten me yet!

Sports Shirts : One thing that I have regularly framed is sports shirts. Often signed and therefore precious items, it is important that they are presented well, and I take pride in ensuring that the shirt looks its best. Other things like medals, when framed with photographs and/or other items can make a great family hierloom, showing an important part of the family history.

Please contact me (see contact page) to discuss framing services and options.


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